Monthly Archives: July 2013

Starting Your Book Over the Summer

I received 4 books this week that were the final results of work on with my clients over the past few months or longer – One of the books was published by John Wiley & Sons and 3 of them were self-published. All of them are available on
This is a time of major change in the book publishing industry. I have a lot of sympathy for individuals who want very much to write books successfully but don’t know:
1. How much it should/will cost
2. How much time it will take to get the book out
3. How to go about writing a marketable book
4. How to avoid mistakes in the process
5. How to find quality professionals to get help in taking all the steps in the right order
Summer is a great time to begin a project and see where the journey takes you. I created a free website with publishing information and downloads at which will provide some initial answers to your questions.