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We Need Your Book -Please Find a Way to Make it Happen

My 91-year-old mother is in her last days. About 20 years ago she decided to write about her life the way she lived it. She intended that it not be read until she was gone – not wanting to account for mistakes or be questioned for further explanations. She abandoned the project at some point and shredded the paper she wrote it on. What did we miss by not having her thoughts? I didn’t really understand my mother and I was looking forward to what she would say. This would have been a book for limited audience – her family.
But it makes me think about the wider tragedy of thinkers not sharing their gifts with the rest of us. Grace comes in helping others understand themselves and their gifts better. If you have the capacity to do that, then it is your responsibility to society not to keep your gifts to yourself.
I have been working for the past 15 years in helping women publish their books. I love words, I love books, I love writers and authors and a book that speaks your truth is the most precious gift you can give the world. If you consult, coach, teach as part of your current work, as hard as you try, you can’t personally reach all the people who need you and need what you know that they don’t.
My gift, as well as my joy, has been to be the connector – unlocking the blocks to people who want to write books and can’t seem to make it happen. Fifteen years ago the big hill to climb was to get published and into distribution so people could find your book. The Internet, Amazon and personal computers have changed the entire publishing world and publishing has become much more accessible.
I’ve come to realize that my goal, now that publishing is easier, is to entice the real thought leaders to let us all experience what you know that will inspire your readers to their own success. Writing in a way that is true to yourself and true to your audience is not easy to do and takes a tremendous amount of time and energy.
When I work with writers who want to be authors and they procrastinate working on their books, I know one of several things might be involved. Procrastination is resistance and resistance is fear. Especially if you love reading and words, your fear might be that your writing skills aren’t enough to write the book you really want to represent you.
Another fear is that people will think your book is weak, unintelligible or unintelligent, that people will think less of you after reading your thoughts or strategies. What if you get bad reviews from people you’ve never met or worse yet, from your best clients or peer group.
Despite the fact that it seems writing a book is a solo pursuit, consider opening that up to be a collaboration with people who have been through this writing and publishing process with new writers many times. Is it more important to do it all yourself (not very realistic) or to make your book everything you want it to be? You probably don’t expect yourself to design the cover, but you may expect yourself to be able to write the book without help. Why? Where do go to learn, not just to write well, but to write a book?
After years of working with writers this is my recommendation: Find an experienced book coach to work with you on solidifying your book, its direction and organization and its marketing appeal. Ideally, you do this before you begin writing, but you can do it anywhere you are with your book – ideas on napkins, a partial outline, a few chapters written or a completed manuscript.
I want to challenge you if you think about taking time out one of these days, go to an island and write the perfect book. This is on the bucket list of many successful people. But the truth is the world is changing daily and if you have thoughts and strategies that would help the world today then please don’t make us wait.
If you’ve read my last blog post you know that I’ve had a recent epiphany: You can’t get published and read until you get written. Some people have a gift for the written word. Some don’t. But even if you don’t have the gift of creating great sentences and paragraphs, I don’t want you to deprive the world of your thoughts and experiences. I want you to consider getting past your blocks and get help. Get help writing, positioning your work to communicate to the audience you want to reach, making your words come alive by formatting the page and creating a “oh, I really want to read that book” inspiring title and cover.
The best books express the thoughts of the author and become a gift you give to the world. It doesn’t matter to your readers if you personally designed the cover, indexed the book, came up with all the funny headings yourself or even compiled every single word and sentence. Your reader only cares what he or she can get from your book. As an author, your job is to solve the problems of your readers because you have been there.
Unburden yourself of the “but I have to do it all myself.” If you don’t the chances that it will ever come together are not good. Just as important, we need to hear from you now, not on your time.
The most successful authors know it takes a village to create a book. If you are stuck before you’ve even started, reach out. Let me help you find your path for creating your book and get through the blocks that are keeping you from your destiny in starting or finishing your book. I’ve done it for hundreds of people and seen amazing changes in their confidence and self-discovery and ultimately in getting life-changing messages out to the world.