The Year of Ghostwriting

Maybe this is you:  I’ve wanted to write my book for years and although I start the year by calendaring time to do it, it never happens.  Clients call, employees or contractors need assistance, a new opportunity comes up – all generating income I can’t afford to lose.  But if I don’t get to my book I can’t get the reach to potential clients I want.  Publishing a book would do so much for my business.  If only there were more hours in a day!

In 2013 as a book coach I’ve decided it is this year I want to help more highly successful people to connect with ghostwriters.  Working with a world-class ghostwriter is a great experience.  They capture your voice, they listen to what you want your book to be like and they actually make it happen.

It bothers me that some of our most successful businesspeople and professionals with stories and ideas that could benefit us all haven’t the written books which we would all have access to. It isn’t that they don’t want to have books out, it is only that their time is better spent innovating, creating, impacting client businesses and doing good for the world. But the rest of us who need to be inspired by their work are missing the chance to meet them via their words. I want this to change.  We need them.

Ghostwriters are the answer. The best ones take a minimal amount of your time.  They know how to use your files, notes, speaking videos or transcripts, webinars, seminars, client proposals and other pieces of intellectual property you have already produced to get your message out.

Just like any other aspect of publishing (or life) your success will depend on your choices.  Talk to someone you trust to get great ghostwriter recommendations.  You might also want to talk to a book coach like me to see if your topic is marketable to a wide audience.

Imagine how you would feel if you could see your book completed.  And I will let you in on a little secret.  I can’t name names of course because ghostwriters promise to keep their involvement confidential, but more authors than you might think rely on ghostwriters.  In fact, there is prestige in working with a well-known and experienced ghostwriter or ghostwriting team who have made many into stars.

I would like to dispel the myths about ghostwriting.  Ghostwriters sign confidentiality agreements and YOU are the named author on the book.  The ghostwriter is not the author.  You maintain all the rights.  You pay a ghostwriter and after that they don’t maintain any rights or expect to be paid royalties. You can publish independently or find an established commercial publisher once the book is finished.  The ghostwriter can write your book proposal (and someone like me can make introductions to publishers).

I would encourage you to consider the value of the ghostwriter.  While ghostwriters seem pricey to some they are worth every penny when you work with a talented writer who can set your thoughts to music in way, frankly, few of us have the ability to do.

If you are at the peak of your game and want your message, your story, your ability to help others, your thinking or ideas to benefit the world, think how working with a ghostwriter could make that happen – fast. Think about this as part of your marketing and branding.  Hiring a ghostwriter is a smart strategy for success.

To learn more about how to find, choose and retain the right ghostwriter, see my website at

I am not a ghostwriter, but I’ve seen some magic happen over the past year or so for sophisticated business people who decide they don’t want to wait and want their book out now.  The great ghostwriters are worth their weight in gold.  Let me help you pick the right one for you.  You will be a happy author in a few months, doing interviews, getting great reviews and media attention for you and your business.

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