Self Publishing Class Gives You All the Answers

If you have decided to self-publish your book, then you need to know the quickest, least expensive, most professional way to do it. Self-Publishing YOUniversity to the rescue!

If you’ve decided to publish your book yourself, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. This four-session weekly webcast will give you very specific and detailed step-by-step how to instructions using your own material and information to make this a profitable experience:

* Understand self publishing (pros and cons, timelines, roles and responsibilities for the author)
* Become a publisher (creating a new publishing business, seller’s permits, sales taxes, budget, business plan, return on investment)
* Price your book (retail, discounting and cost considerations)
* Attract your professional team (book designer, copywriter, photographer, assistant and others)
* Create a professional publisher and book “brand” (book cover, book interior, publisher name, logo)
* Learn how to request and keep track of the intellectual property you need permission to use in your book
* Get the right numbers and listings (ISBN, bar code, LCCN, copyright and more)
* Negotiate the world of printers (digital versus offset, specifics of working with LightningSource, book size, illustrations, color, uploading files, proofreading)
* Use the power of (get listed, add content, consider Amazon Advantage)
* Learn the secrets of the virtual marketing to sell your book

Register here for the Self Publishing YOUniversity starting March 6. Use discount code EWPNSPY for $50 registration – an 83% discount for eWomenPublishingNetwork members. All classes are on Thursdays at 8 am PT, 9 am MT, 10 am CT and 11 am ET.

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  • suzanne saxe-roux  On March 31, 2008 at 7:15 am

    Please let me know when your next class on self-publishing is being held. Thank you

  • Mary DiGiacomo-Bagley  On February 10, 2009 at 12:41 pm

    I am a 65 year old woman in desperate need of help! I have a book I need help with finishing and publishing. I also would like to become an eWoman member but need to have the lowest monthly payment. Please tell me where to start.

    M. DiGiacomo-Bagley

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