Monthly Archives: August 2007

You Could Have a Best Seller in Your Computer

Your original ideas are your intellectual property. The value of that intellectual property is dependent on your ability to take your ideas and turn them into products from which others can benefit. Many aspiring authors have already written or given talks about their subjects. These can be used as the basis for their books.

First, let’s take an inventory of the intellectual capital you’ve already created. Check to be sure whether you already have:

• Articles you’ve written (published or not)
• Proposals you’ve written for prospects
• Presentations you’ve made to clients or to other audiences
• A unique way of doing business you can explain well to clients, friends, or business associates
• Such a passion for what you do that you often find yourself talking about it
• Interviews you’ve given to the media

Take a look at the word-processed files on your computer. Which of these contain your ideas and could form the basis for articles or your book?

Examine your hard copy files. Have you done reports for clients or kept other notes that share your ideas?

Have you or could you record and transcribe speaking engagements or workshops?

How can you take what you’ve already done and write transitions to connect the pieces?

Get some help from an objective third party about what you’ve already done that could be a diamond in the rough and you could be well on your way to creating one of this years’ nonfiction best sellers.