Monthly Archives: December 2006

Changing the Destiny of Women Authors

How can we make sure more women authors get published, and their ideas heard? One woman at a time.

A good start would be for each woman to consider her book project as a product development effort as part of a business. It is a creative process, but it is also a business proposition and you must plan for it as you would for any business. Creating a book has financial, marketing, and product design implications. And second, get help from publishing professionals in creating a book that is intelligently designed, well written and has broad appeal. Finally, people buy books because they want to take a piece of the author home with them. A new woman author must make herself into a brand and promote herself and her book aggressively and persistently.

One of the trends in book publishing that is assisting women in their efforts is self-publishing. We’ve seen a number of women do very well with self-publishing. Some have been very successful selling their own books as part of already established speaking and consulting careers. Others have had their books noticed by major publishers, resulting in lucrative offers. Self publishing allows the new author to get a book in print much more quickly, so she has something to sell to clients and others. She can then continue to make changes in the book because the book is hers and she keeps only a limited inventory, allowing for immediate flexibility. It will become even more common in the future.

Women will continue to make strides and bring their voices to the important issues through their books. It is very gratifying for us here at eWomenPublishingNetwork to help a woman with an important contribution make that available to benefit everyone through a book.


Keeping Yourself Accountable to Finishing Your Book

The end of each year can be a time for regret for aspiring authors. “Why didn’t I make my book more of a priority and get more done? I should have had the whole thing finished by now!”

If you feel this way, then take a look at what was holding you back in 2006 and make plans to remedy those things in 2007.

Maybe you travel much of the time, maybe family requirements have kept you busy, or maybe you just aren’t where to start.

There is a new program available that is intended to help people who find procrastination to be a problem in starting, getting into, and finishing their books.

It is a free program that is available through, and it sends you an email every Monday morning, not just with inspiration, but with actual things to do to keep you on track for writing your book. The to-do’s are not just busy work, but real, and important steps to get you going – I highly recommend it.

You can read more and register at D.O.N.E..