Monthly Archives: November 2006

Meeting the Challenges for Women Authors

There are a number of reasons why women are slow to catch up in non-fiction book publishing, but the tides are changing. When I work with women authors, I help them change their thinking about their books, which helps increase their chances of publishing success.

There are three major reasons women have failed to gain the success they’d like with their books. The first is in the way many write their books. After reviewing thousands of manuscripts, I find that women undermine their own communications in the way they write. They have a greater tendency than men to use passive voice, to credit others and quote others extensively, all of which undermine the power of the writing. Women are also far less likely to have their work peer reviewed, so they make some easily-correctable errors. Many women think they have to do all the work on a book themselves. Men know you can outsource many parts of the process, meaning the work gets done more quickly and more professionally.

But it isn’t only the way they write that keeps women from being successful in the book publishing arena. Even after women’s books are written, they aren’t as aggressive as men in publishing or promotion, so even their published books tend to be less successful.Many women are not as aggressive in networking to establish personal relationships with publishers, and less likely to aggressively negotiate for a good contract with a publisher for fear of losing the publishing offer.

And when in comes to marketing and promotion, women are shy to ask others to promote them. Many are uncomfortable with attention focused on their thoughts put to paper. They are more likely to succumb to the fears that plague most authors – fear that their ideas will be ridiculed or considered inconsequential.

More women are working on non-fiction books than ever before to enhance their own credibility and communicate with larger potential audiences, becaues nothing enhances a professional career like authoring a book.